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We promise to our customers that we will deal with emails within 24 hours in workdays after receiving them. Free trial customers are also welcome to enjoy our effective One Business Day Email Service. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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How to register Aceoffix?

It is quite easy to register Aceoffix online. You only need a computer on the client side which can connect to Internet. After input register information, click “Register”.
It is not difficult to register Aceoffix offline, please refer to Aceoffix Documentation which is included in the downloaded trial package.

Can Aceoffix be used in the project of Client/Server architecture?

No. Aceoffix is designed for web applications.

Does Aceoffix support Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera browser?

Yes. Aceoffix V5.0 supports Internet Explorer(8 or higher version), Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari(Windows only) browsers and etc.

Does Microsoft Office need to be installed on server side or client side?

On the server side, you do not need to install Microsoft Office. On the client side, you have to install Microsoft Office. Aceoffix supports Microsoft Office2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 and Office365.

Does client side need Windows to run Aceoffix?

Yes. Aceoffix client control is developed depending on Windows and need Microsoft Office to support it, so that Windows should be installed on the client side.

Does Aceoffix support Unix or Linux on server side?

Yes. On server side Aceoffix supports many operating systems which support Java web platform. However, on these operating systems you should choose the “Aceoffix for Java” or “Aceoffix for PHP” edition to develop your web applications.

Does Aceoffix support clustered server on server side?

Yes. Windows clustered server and Unix/Linux clustered server are both supported on server side.

Does Aceoffix support tablet PC on client side?

Yes. Aceoffix supports Surface pro tablet and other tablets with Windows OS. But Aceoffix does not support iPad or Android tablets.

Does Aceoffix support Mac on client side?

No. Aceoffix does not support Mac on client side.


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How Aceoffix license is authorized?

Aceoffix license is authorized based on servers. In most cases, one application installed on one server will need one license.
Please refer to TRIAL&LICENSE for more information.

Is the license paid only once or yearly?

Aceoffix license is one-time purchase. After you purchase it, it will be valid permanently and no extra charges in the future.

Does Aceoffix limit the number of the end users?

No. Since Aceoffix is authorized only based on server, it will not limit the number of the end users.

How to try Aceoffix before I purchase it?

Please go toDOWNLOAD CENTER and download the Ultimate Edition if you are the frist time to try Aceoffix. And run the examples as the steps in license key.txt file. These are very simple steps to run Aceoffix on your PC.
Or you can see our LIVE DEMO

Where can I get a trial license?

Please download Aceoffix trial package from DOWNLOAD CENTER , and you can find the trial licenses from license key.txt.

How long will it take to get your support response?

Generally, we’ll reply to you within 24 hours except for weekends or holidays due to the time difference. But in most cases you’ll get our response in a few hours or immediately.

How can I get the free trial version of the software?

Download the software you want from our website and install it. When you run the software, a registration request window will pop up. Please fill it with the trial license key and directly click Register button, and then you get the trial version. The trial license keys are included in downloaded package.

How to purchase your product and how long will I receive the license key after I complete the purchase?

Find the product you need on our website. Click Buy Now button and finish your order – Normally you will receive the license key by Email immediately after your successful purchase. However, sometimes you didn’t get it for some reasons (for the details, please see below).
Note: Please provide valid Email address when you fill the order form.

Please keep registration information of the software you received well for further use.

Why I was charged with tax?

The tax depends on the tax policies in your country. Since Aceoffix sold product across the world and the tax varies, the price shown on the official website is only the product price, not including tax.

Why I didn’t receive the license key for several hours after my purchase?

There are several possible reasons:

  1. Because of your Email settings, the letter with license key is sent to Trash directly. Please look for the letter there.
  2. Your Email service provider rejects Emails from unknown senders, so the license key cannot be sent to you.
  3. You provided invalid Email address when you ordered the software.

If you are under one of the last two situations, please contact our Sales Team at sales@aceoffix.com to get assistance.

How to register my software?

After you purchase the software successfully, you will receive license key via Email within one business day. Install your web application and run it. When you browse the web page which contains Aceoffix, a registration request window will pop up. Please fill it with the license key and directly click Register button, and then you get the fully licensed version.

Note: since the license key is letter-sensitive, please COPY and PASTE the key. Do not add any blank before or after it.

I entered the license key you sent to me, but an error said “The license key is invalid”. Why?

There are several possible reasons for the failed registration.

  1. This is caused by entry error. You’d better copy and paste the license key to avoid a typo. And please don’t add any blank before or after the key.
  2. The license key is for the old version, but you register it for a higher version.

I lost my license key. Can you send it again?

Sure. Please send us a message enclosing your order related information (such as Order ID, E-mail address, name you used when purchasing, etc.). The information will help us find your order in our database in time.

I get a new web server. What should I do to move the software I purchased to the new server?

First, uninstall Aceoffix from your old server. Then, install it on your new server. Register with the license key you got before on the new server.