Trial & License

Trial Limits

The trial version of Aceoffix is fully functional for three months (90 days). Afterwards, you can try our product for free again by inputting the old trial license key to the registration dialog box which can be reactivated by deleting “license.lic” file. But we do not promise the permanent use of the trial license key. If the key is invalid, please contact us to acquire a new one.

One trial license key can be used in the web application installed on many servers. In other words, Aceoffix does not limit the number of developers in your company.

Developers need to be aware that Aceoffix control will have a “About” box and “Trial” on progress bar with the trial version.



Each Aceoffix has only one authorized license key which can only be used in a single web application installed on a single server. The authorized license key can be used in the application installed on the same server many times or another server. But only the last installation runs normally. So please make sure the deployment quantity of your web applications to confirm how many Aceoffix licenses you need to purchase.

Once you have purchased, the paid license can be used for free permanently without any additional charges. Updating within one major version is free. 50% of the price of your edition will be charged to upgrade to the relevant advanced major.

The license does not limit the number of clients who work with the application embedding with Aceoffix. And Aceoffix requires only one client to register with the license key for only once on the web application. All other clients can access it.

Once the paid license key is used in your web application, there will be no “Trial” on progress bar and “About” box.

Aceoffix is not a Royalty Free product as standard. However, special rates may be negotiated for large amount of licenses.

We recommend that developers embed the trial version of Aceoffix in their software during developing, because it can be used for many times on many servers. After development is finished and the project is about to be deployed to target server, developers should purchase the authorized license key.

The developers who have been authorized should be responsible for keeping their license keys secretly. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.


Royalty Free Licensing