Aceoffix Has Distinguished Features for Editing
Real Microsoft Office Files Online


Online View, Edit and Save Word (.doc/.docx)/Excel(.xls/.xlsx)/PPT(.ppt/.pptx)

Aceoffix makes the whole Office application to run on web pages and avoids the shortage of HTML editors that cannot be fully compatible to Microsoft Office.

Data Filling in Word/Excel Document

With Aceoffix, developers can write simple code to fill data regions of Word document or cells of Excel file. Users will view formal reports on web pages.

Track Changes

Track change is also called Revision-only mode. Revisions modified by different users are displayed in different colors. Revision can show who modified, when the file was modified and what was modified. User can accept, reject and delete others’ revisions. In docFinalizeDraft mode, user can check and clean up all the revisions in the document.

Editable Region Control

Aceoffix can specify editable regions in a Word document. User is only allowed to edit the specific region where developer defines in a Word document. Aceoffix can control editable regions according to the access rights of users. This is very useful in workflow.

VBA Support

AceoffixCtrl can entirely support VBA (Visual Basic Applications) interfaces of Microsoft Office at client side. Following VBA syntax, the functionalities of Word/Excel can be called by JavaScript on web pages.

Split Word Document

When saving a Word document, the content in DataRegion whose property is SubmitAsFile = true can be extracted and saved as a single Word file.

Merge Word Documents

By programming, many Word documents can be inserted in the specified locations in a template to generate a merged document when opening the Word template online.

Print & Preview

Print and preview Word/Excel documents on Web pages. Developers are no longer to worry about the code related to print and preview Word/Excel documents on web pages, because Aceoffix offers the whole print functionalities of Word/Excel. It's impossible for html editor.

Read-only Mode

Users are not allowed to copy, paste, download, save as, print documents or print screens. Users can only read the documents in browsers.


Aceoffix supports many Office document formats, such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx


Aceoffix Supports All Browsers

Aceoffix can support all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. Aceoffix has solved cross-browser compatibility issues perfectly. Aceoffix has powerful compatibility and real-time update to make sure that each browser's update will not cause problem.


Aceoffix Supports 3 Major Programming Languages


Aceoffix supports ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP, and supports OS including Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

Generate Word document
Run VBA macro
Track changes
Save as PDF
Excel data filling
Aceoffix has sufficient examples to help understand Aceoffix functions. Simply running the examples, developers can realize all functions by referring the example code.
Extract data from Word
Extract data from Excel
Word comparison
Word split and merge

Aceoffix provides detailed and professional API Documentations


Based on the API documentations, developers are able to understand and handle Aceoffix easily. With simple code, they can accomplish the functionalities of Microsoft Office that they could hardly achieve before.


Aceoffix encapsulates most of Word & Excel Interfaces

Aceoffix has perfectly encapsulated 80% of Word & Excel interfaces, which can totally meet all users' requirements.

Concurrent Control

It is possible that a Word document or a Excel file is modified by several users at the same time. Aceoffix can properly control concurrent access.


Word Comparison

Open two Word documents online and compare them in shifting display or simultaneous display.

Show Document A
Show Document B
Show Comparison Results

Set Watermark


Pop up A Customized Input Dialog

Capture the click event in DataRegion to enable the user to select data from a drop-down box instead of editing the content in DataRegion directly. This feature can ensure the content that the user inputs is correct.