Aceoffix is a rapid developing product. We have been constantly improving product functions and user experience. Please visit our website and benefit from the new version timely.

Aceoffix can not develop without continuous demand of customers, we value suggestions of customers for product improvement and proposals for new features. If you have good ideas for the next version of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Support Team:

  • v5.0 August 3, 2015 Customizes the Ribbon bar of Word/Excel.An exciting update: Aceoffix can hide/show some tabs and groups of Ribbon bar.
  • v5.0 July 1, 2015 Supports Edge browser.An exciting update: Aceoffix supports all the popular browsers with a new way. Please download the new package to try it.
  • v5.0 May 3, 2015 Added WordCompare method at the server side. With Aceoffix, two Word documents can be compared online and all the differences between the two documents will be marked.
  • v5.0 May 3, 2015 Added WordInsertComment method at the client side. If you want user to type some comments in Word document, you can call WordInsertComment method at the client side.
  • v5.0 May 3, 2015 Supports ASP.NET MVC5. Now Aceoffix can be used in MVC5 architechture.
  • v5.0 May 3, 2015 Added WaterMark class. This method can set the water mark in the Word document.
  • v5.0 May 3, 2015 Added Font, ParagraphFormat object to DataRegion. Developer can set the style of the text in DataRegion freely.
  • v5.0 May 3, 2015 Supports opening document with server disk path. The method OpenDocument now supports the server disk path.
  • v4.0 July 19, 2013 Aceoffix supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.An exciting update: Aceoffix now supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.
  • v4.0 July 19, 2013 Added real progress bar when uploading document.Aceoffix can show a real progress when uploading a large document. It’s helpful when the speed of network is slow.
  • v4.0 July 19, 2013 Auto add the website to trusted sites.Aceoffix can add your website to trusted sites of IE automatically.
  • v4.0 July 19, 2013 Added a new method SaveDocumentAsHTML.Aceoffix supports two methods to save the document as HTML file. The SaveDocumentAsHTML method saves the document as a HTML file with a “files” folder. The SaveDocumentAsMht method saves the document as a single mht file.
  • v3.0 Jan 28, 2013 Aceoffix for Java updated.In Struts2 web project, the web page which contains aceoffix control maybe cause the session disappears. This problem has been fixed.
  • v3.0 Oct 30, 2012 Added French UI language.Aceoffix can automatically display French UI when it shows on a French Windows client.